About Our Reliable Company

We at Tom’s Garage Door Repair are dedicated to taking care of any garage door needs that those in the College Park, GA area would like us to do for them. That’s something that we have been faithfully doing for some 17 years now. We are staffed by techs that know the absolute best ways to handle garage door repairs and installations. Our techs are capable of also working on both commercial and residential garage doors. You will also come to like our exceptional customer service. It’s one of the traits people always point out about us when they leave reviews on our services. We always give great customer service because we put ourselves in your shoes and think about how we want to be treated when someone is doing garage door work for us. This is the way that we have always gone about doing our garage door service and we are not about to change that anytime soon. Our goal is to not only leave you satisfied with our work but to also leave you feeling like you made an excellent garage door service provider choice.

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Providing Timely & Affordable Garage Door Work

Having an ill-working garage door can be a big problem. It can do such things as not letting you get your car out of your garage door or not being able to close it to secure the contents in your garage. Given these considerations, we always try to get to you just as quickly as possible. That includes doing same-day service much of the time. We also offer emergency garage door services too for those times your garage door absolutely must be repaired ASAP. You will also be happy to know that we price our services very affordably. Pricing our services and products reasonably and competitively is something that we have always believed in. At Tom’s Garage Door Repair, we at take every aspect of our College Park garage door services very seriously. Our integrity as a company also means a lot to us. We truly care about our customers and the way we run our business always reflects that.

Why Choose Us for Garage Door Services?

You will also come to appreciate the fact that every aspect of our garage door service reflects quality. That includes everything from the type of service work that we do to the very good garage door parts that we supply and install. We also believe in straightforward communication with our customers. That way, you will always know such things as why a garage door service needs to be performed and how we will go about doing it. There should be nothing left to guesswork when you are paying for garage door service and with us, there is not. All of our services are also 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We at Tom’s Garage Door Repair will continue proudly serving those in College Park other nearby areas of Georgia who want top-notch garage door work to be done for them.

(678) 335-4706